Amateur Radio Emergency Communications in Harford County, Maryland

Emergency CommunicationsWelcome! We are a group of trained Amateur Radio operators who volunteer our time and resources to assist others during times of disaster or other communications emergencies. We also provide services for non-profit organizations such as the MS Society and March of Dimes.

Weekly Radio Nets and Frequencies

Our official repeater is 146.775 (neg offset, CTCSS 146.2) located near Bel Air, MD. This is an open repeater, all hams are welcome. This is the primary repeater used by ARES, RACES and Skywarn during activation, drills and weekly nets. We also have a secondary 70cm repeater on 449.775 (-) which features NOAA SAME Weather Alert. Finally, we have an agreement to use 147.120 (+) as a backup repeater.


We need your help and participation! Amateur radio emergency communications is fun, exciting and a great way to support your community. No matter if you are a new ham or an experienced Elmer, all are welcome to join! You are also invited to join our weekly repeater nets and sign up for our email reflector.