Susquehanna River Running Festival

Glenn Bartlett (N3YJ) with his roll-up J-pole antenna mounted on a walking cane at Tydings Park (Havre De Grace) during the Susquehanna River Running Festival

In September of 2018, Harford County ARES volunteers provided logistics and race administration communications for the inaugural run of the Susquehanna River Running Festival in Havre De Grace and Perryville.  This was a large, high profile public service event supported by 18 amateur radio volunteers from Harford County ARES and adjacent counties in PA and MD.

Hundreds of hours of work went into preparing for this event.  Preparation activities included attendance at planning meetings, the writing and revising of an extensive amateur radio communications support plan for the event, volunteer recruitment, the setup and coordination of a new low-power repeater located at Harford Memorial Hospital in Havre De Grace, and the planning and execution of a field radio exercise to test both the new low-power repeater, other existing repeaters, and simplex communications from planned event locations.

On the day of the event, operators were stationed at various field locations and at the event command post at the Havre De Grace Ambulance Station.  In addition to providing communications support for logistics and event administration, radio volunteers also reported medical emergencies to the event command post.  Harford County ARES received high marks for the communications service we provided during this event.