KC3FHC Repeaters in Harford County

Amateur Radio Repeaters in Harford County

Repeaters are located in Forest Hill, Maryland (north of Bel Air) –
Open and available for use by all licensed Amateur Radio operators!

»  Join our ARES net each 2nd Tuesday at 8:00 PM, 146.775 (-) tone 146.2

Analog FM Repeaters

Note: Repeaters are linked together.

  • 146.775 (-) tone 146.2
  • 449.775 (-) tone 162.2

Digital DMR Repeater

  • 449.6125 (-) (KB3WHR)
    • Repeater ID: 24-17080
    • Color Code: 1
    • Interstate C-Bridge

Digital D-STAR Repeaters

Note: Local communications only; not connected to a gateway.

  • 145.120 (-) KC3FHC C (DV)
  • 447.9875 (-) KC3FHC B (DV)
  • 1282.300 (-) KC3FHC A (DV)
  • 1248.100 (simplex) RPS D-STAR Data (DD)

ICOM D-STAR ID-RP2000V (2 meter) and ID-RP4000V (70 cm) repeaters

D-STAR Repeater

Harford County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), in cooperation with Harford County Department of Emergency Services (DES)(Facebook), maintain Amateur Radio repeaters and a fully equipped control station at the DES building in Forest Hill, Maryland.  Unless a training, public service or emergency response net has been activated, these repeaters are available for use by all licensed Amateur Radio operators within the repeater coverage area.

Repeater trustee: Doug Augustyn (K3DAK), Harford County RACES

Harford County DES

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