KC3FHC Repeaters in Harford County

Amateur Radio Repeaters in Harford County

Repeaters are located in Forest Hill, Maryland (north of Bel Air) –
Open and available for use by all licensed Amateur Radio operators!

»  Join our ARES net each 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7:00 PM, 146.775 (-) tone 146.2

Analog FM Repeaters

  • 146.775 (-) tone 146.2 (Forest Hill) (KC3FHC)
  • 449.775 (-) tone 162.2 (Forest Hill) (KC3FHC)
  • 444.750 (+) tone 162.2 (Havre de Grace **)

** Note: 444.750 is a low power (10 watt) repeater installed to provide communications in Havre De Grace and Perryville for the 2018 Susquehanna River Running Festival. Other local repeater systems have coverage gaps in these two communities, and it was installed to overcome these coverage gaps. It will become a permanent repeater operating under Harford County RACES. It is currently a standalone repeater but, in the future, we hope to link it to the main Harford ARES/RACES analog repeater system.

Digital DMR Repeater

  • 449.6125 (-) (KB3WHR)
    • Repeater ID: 24-17080
    • Color Code: 1
    • Interstate C-Bridge

Digital D-STAR Repeaters

Note: Local communications only; not connected to an internet gateway.

  • 145.120 (-) KC3FHC C (DV)
  • 447.9875 (-) KC3FHC B (DV)
  • 1282.300 (-) KC3FHC A (DV)
  • 1248.100 (simplex) RPS D-STAR Data (DD)

ICOM D-STAR ID-RP2000V (2 meter) and ID-RP4000V (70 cm) repeaters

D-STAR Repeater

Harford County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), in cooperation with Harford County Department of Emergency Services (DES)(Facebook), maintain Amateur Radio repeaters and a fully equipped control station at the DES building in Forest Hill, Maryland.  Unless a training, public service or emergency response net has been activated, these repeaters are available for use by all licensed Amateur Radio operators within the repeater coverage area.

Repeater trustee: Doug Augustyn (K3DAK), Harford County RACES

Harford County DES

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